Hi... I am Robin Sunny, from a forest village called Inchathotty near by Neriamangalam, The Gateway of High Range. My village is surrounded by forest from three sides and the other side covered by Periyar River, The Beautiful River of Kerala...

Incredible Inchathotty (God's own Village)

Neriamangalam Bridge
Early 19 th Century,  this place formed as a village and before that this place may be  forest only. But now in this village, more than 500 families are living, now people have Church, Temples , primary school and good roads etc. in their village and  the village has approximately 6 km. in length at the riverbank of  Periyar.

This place is very near to national highway no. 49 ( app. 3.5 km ) from Neriamangalam, The gate way of High Range. The Neraamangalam Bridge( One of the Arch bridge in kerala built by the British) and the Icon Stone of  Jhansi Rani (one of the great nationalist heroine of the first war of India freedom, a symbol of resistance to the British rule in India) are the two important historic places near to this village.

Migrating Birds
One of the well known and big  Birds Sanctuary in south India is the forest of Inchathotty and Thattekaad. In this place, different kinds of wild birds as well as migrating birds can be seen more than any other place in kerala.

In kerala, The chinnar wildlife Sanctuary, Parambikulam wildlife Sanctuary and Periyar Tiger Reserve forest are directly connected to the Inchathotty forest and all the animals which can be see in these places also can be see in inchathotty forest(Wild Buffaloes are very rare in these place, wants to go too inner side of the forest to see them).
Indian Tiger

The other importance's of this village is, this is placed at the riverbank of Periyar and here all types of water tourism facilities are available like Fishing, Swimming, Boating, House boats etc. can be enjoy.

There are lots of small water streams going through this village from the forest. All types of fresh water fishes in kerala can be see in Periyar also.

Periyar River
The people who interested in Tribes and their cultures are likes this forest because many kinds of Tribes are living here(Called Muthuvaan) and they have different culture and life style. Many Tribes villages are situated near to Inchathotty forest.(Muthuvaankudy,Penoorkudy,Maamalakandam etc. are some of Tribes villages near to this forest).
Tribes in kerala

Two waterfalls are located near to this village (Cheeyappara and Vaalara) and these waterfalls can be see in NH 49 on the way to Munnar from Inchathotty. Munnar is only 60 km. away from this village, this helps the tourists to visit Inchathotty along with their Munnar tour.

For the tourist's, this village is always incredible because of it's natural beauty, Climate, Silence, the people, Periyar and small water streams,Birds sanctuary and the Tiger forest.

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  1. Hi Robin,

    If possible can you upload more photos of Inchathotty. I am from Trichur, not used to or never visited any forest before, you really made me feel the natural beauty of forest.


    1. I don't have much photos... I am out of station...